We are lucky to have an excellent P&C Association that provides a canteen service for our students. Our canteen is currently open every Thursday and Friday from 8.30 am till 12.30 pm. The canteen adheres to The WA Health Traffic Light System.

We promote healthy eating throughout the school and encourage parents to send their child to school with a healthy lunch.  A healthy lunchbox could include:

  • a sandwich
  • piece of fruit
  • cut up carrots/celery
  • cheese or yoghurt.

We do not encourage parents to drop off take-away lunches after school commences.

The canteen can only open with the support of our parents. Please contact our P&C by to volunteer your services.

Ordering your child’s lunch

Menus and lunch order bags are available from the canteen. A bundle of bags can be purchased from the canteen so that orders can be written out and payment finalised before the children get to school. Orders should be placed at the canteen before the 8.45am siren. Orders can also be placed online using the QKR app.

Monitors collect lunch baskets for their classrooms prior to the midday siren.

Download a copy of the Canteen Menu