Library Resource Centre

Springfield-PS-main-slider38The Library Resource Centre is open for use from 8.30am each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

During class sessions, students are instructed in library skills and are also given time to select books and to browse through the library to gain a sound knowledge of its relevant contents.

The library is automated, allowing students to access reading resources using up-to-date technology.

Books may be borrowed for one week. Each child must have a library bag to protect the books.

Parental assistance is welcomed as the need arises. Interested parents or friends are welcome to visit the library, preferably before school. The high cost of books means that the money spent annually on purchases does not go very far. Careless handling and losses can easily lead to a situation whereby the library stock is steadily reduced rather than increased slightly each year.

Parents can assist the school by checking on the books brought home and ensuring their prompt return in good order. Similarly, parents can assist greatly by ensuring that all school books issued on loan are used carefully and returned in good order. We ask that damaged or lost books be replaced at parental expense.