Our uniforms are supplied by Tudor Uniforms, 1/75 Excellence Drive Wangara, WA 6065, a family owned and operated business.

Tudor Uniforms offer the choice of online ordering with the option of home delivery or in-store pick up. Alternatively, you can buy direct from their store in Wangara.

Please see their website for more details:  https://tudorschooluniforms.com.au/

Please click the link below for details on how to create an account and price list.

Dress Code

The school colours are dark blue and light blue. All students attending Springfield are encouraged to follow the dress code as it:

  • Gives your child a sense of belonging which in turn, gives a feeling of security
  • Adds a positive tone to the school and assists in building school and team spirit
  • Ensures students are appropriately dressed for school activities
  • Encourages equality among students
  • Reduces unnecessary competition among students for current fashion items or trends
  • Prepares students for work in later life as many work places have dress and safety codes
  • Has proven to be more economical for parents.

Any financial difficulty in obtaining uniform items or special modification of the uniform that are sought for religious or health reasons may be discussed with the Principal/Deputies or any member of the teaching staff.

No hat no sun

Students are expected to adhere to the SunSmart policy and must wear a broad brim or bucket hat for all outdoor activities. If a student does not have a hat, they must remain in the shade whilst outside.

Lost property

Please name all your child’s/children’s clothing. Please ask your child to bring home all extra clothing items each day. (e.g. coats, swimming gear). If property is lost, first check your child‘s classroom and then look in the Lost Property boxes located in senior and junior blocks. At the end of each term the clothing is sorted and the named items are returned to their owners. Any items without a name will then be recycled.

NB: Items of value such as jewellery, electronic games, musical instruments, are not covered by school insurance if lost or stolen on school property. Please do not allow your child to bring items of value to school.