Learning at Home

Welcome to our provision of external teaching and learning for students to ensure that we can maintain continuity of learning in times of disruption, and that there should be a free choice and conscious decision made by parents as to whether to send children to school, or to deliver education at home during this unprecedented time.

Individual children will undoubtedly have differing needs and abilities, and we encourage you to choose activities which are within your child’s ability. The materials are intended to be for revision purpose and to maintain engagement in education, not to cause anxiety, or require in-depth explanation or preparation.

It is not expected or compulsory that these materials be completed, we want above all the focus to be upon you, your families and children, your welfare and wellbeing.

The mission of the school is on the provision of education, and, with your partnership, our expertise, and each of us playing our part, it is hoped that the materials provided on this site will benefit our students because:

  • Maintaining a routine will give children structure to the day;
  • It will allow for minimal negative impact upon your child’s progress;
  • It will provide comfort, familiarity and engagement at a time of uncertainty and anxiety.

Whilst individual teachers have provided access to specific online resources they currently use, below are further home resources to support your child. Some of these are related to programs already used in the school whilst others are from reputable sources that we have screened for your use. We will aim to add to this page in coming weeks if necessary.

Home Resources and Suggestions for Parents

WA Department of Education – Resources

Diana Rigg PLD Literacy Resources (This is a program we currently use at the school)

The World of David Walliams (One free audio book released per day)

Dr Paul Swan Learning Maths at home  (we currently us Dr Paul Swan resources to support our Maths learning at school)

The Smiling Mind (Mindfulness activities for the whole family)

NASA Activities for home

Virtual Tours of World Museums

Scholastic Online Learning (20 days worth of active learning journeys)

Pobble365 (Pobble365 presents an image for each day of the year. This image is linked to a Story Starter for writing and various grammar activities.

National Geographic (Information on a range of different topics linking to science in a variety of forms).

Back To Front Maths