Pastoral care

Springfield has an active, dedicated group of teachers who form part of the Pastoral Care team. We meet after school at least once per term to review, amongst other things, how the social-emotional well-being programs we have in place at the school are progressing. 

As you are no doubt aware SPS has a whole-school focus on Resilience and we have been covering skills to develop the students’ resilience through the SDERA Challenges and Choices program.

From time to time you will receive information sheets to help reinforce the development resilience at home. Information can also be accessed through the SDERA website

Choose Respect

This is an over-arching philosophy that we have adopted over the last few years to stress the positives of our attitude and behaviour rather than the negatives of teasing, bullying etc. It can be summed up as, “Do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do”, or treat others, ourselves and the environment with the respect that we all deserve.

You Can Do It

This is a whole school program which helps our students to develop the social skills that are so vital for our students to have in today’s world. If you hear of Connie Confidence then it’s the ‘You Can Do It’ program in practice. Although the program is school wide, it gives a good grounding to our younger students to develop their skills and knowledge.

Aussie Optimism/Buzz/Being Me

These are programs that we use with our older students to further develop their social skills, their coping skills and their resilience. Ms Powell will be using the ‘Being Me’ program with the class teachers for our year 5 and 6 students later in the term.

Skips Program Mental Health

We were offered the chance to be a trial school for this program which has been very successful over East and is being introduced in to WA. SKIPS stands for Supporting Kids in Primary School. It consists of three elements. The first is a workshop for staff which we had last Monday, which covered Mental Health issues in general but also ways that we can support families and students who may come across mental health issues in their family. It also covered issues that could affect students such as anxiety or depression. The second element is a session for parents on the same lines. We haven’t organised this as yet but will be doing so shortly. Finally, the senior students have three workshops which cover general issues but also has a focus on what it could mean for them if a family member, friend or even themselves have issues and more importantly strategies to cope.

Chaplain Melissa Powell

Melissa has a large role in our Pastoral Care programs generally, but also provides individual and small group support to students, and families, who might need that little bit of extra help. Melissa participates game groups as well as the larger programs above to develop our students social and emotional skills.

Student Centred Strategies

We have a number of strategies in place which involve our students as mentors/helpers. These include Buddy Classes where our older students ‘buddy up’ with our younger ones, buddies in class for new students arriving at our school and Playground Pals where older students volunteer to be extra helpers at lunch-time to support the teachers on duty. In addition our Student Leadership Group, elected by the students, perform many roles to support our Pastoral Care initiatives and to act as positive role models for our students.

The Virtues Project

For the last few years we have also included the Virtues Project which focuses on a different virtue each term. This year we have had Justice, Integrity, Forgiveness in the first three terms and Tolerance due for Term 4.

Our assemblies on Fridays often focus on the virtue for that term and the classes have activities at their level of development during the term.