Principals message

Welcome to Springfield Primary School. We are very happy that you have chosen our wonderful school for your children, and we look forward to your family becoming, or continuing to be, a part of the much-valued Springfield community.

Springfield Primary School has a sound reputation for delivering quality education and cultural and pastoral care programs. With a firm belief in the unique value of each student, the school caters for Kindergarten to Year 6.

Winning a Teacher Australia National Quality in Schooling Award , a NEITA ASG Community Award and the Norm Hyde Award for Excellence in Pastoral Care was recognition of the school’s Pastoral Care Priority. This program has had a positive impact and is considered a core component of Springfield Primary School’s continued success

The Visual Arts program involves students in a stimulating and diverse range of arts experiences. The Visual Arts specialist program received a NEITA – ASG Community Award for involving students in community based projects. In recent years we have participated in the Joondalup Festival Parade, a winner with all our school community.

The school is also proud of its outstanding music traditions. The choir performs at school assemblies and special events, including One Big Voice. Lessons in clarinet, flute and brass are delivered for selected Year 5/6 students by teachers from the School of Instrumental Music.

The school has an excellent sport tradition and students have the chance to represent the school in AFL, Netball, Soccer, Hockey, Cross-country and Athletics. The school has experienced substantial success in these areas. In addition the school culture is one of participation and students are actively encouraged to participate in a range of sports and activities.

This website outlines information to assist your time at Springfield. I am available to meet with you and your child at any time to discuss matters of interest or concern.

Again, welcome to Springfield.
Vanessa Blythe