School Board

The School Board enables staff, parents and members of the community to engage in activities that promote the best interests of students and will enhance the education provided by the school and also enable it’s members to lend their skills and expertise to the school. The board meets at least once per term to monitor school performance and provide guidance on our strategic direction.

The Board of a public school works with the school community to achieve the best outcomes for students. It plays an important role in contributing to good school governance so that school resources are used efficiently and community expectations and the school’s priorities reflect the needs of students.

The functions of a Board are covered by legislation and include both approval and advisory roles. Some of the matters Boards may make decisions on include fees and charges, book lists, sponsorship and dress codes. Boards make these decisions with the Principal who ensures that the decisions adhere to legislative and policy requirements. The Board does not intervene in the control or management of the school.

Board Members

Chair: Gemma Herold
Principal: Vanessa Blythe
Executive Officer: Sam Campbell
Staff Representatives:
David Sweet
Amy Nelson
Alison Hollingsworth
Parent Representatives:
Clayton Bishop
Holly Mason
Jean Paterson
Laure Musy
Community Representative:
Councillor Christopher May
Amelia Ruscoe