Parent involvement

Springfield-PS-main-slider30Your child will love having you visit and be part of their Kindergarten Centre, and our parents are welcomed and needed. There are a number of ways you can get involved:

  • Assist with parent help roster.
  • Go with the class on excursions.
  • Attend parent workshops; attend the school P&C committee meetings.
  • Volunteering to wash aprons and hand towels.
  • Share any special skills you have with your child’s class (such as carpentry, weaving, pottery or cooking).
  • Save your ice cream, yoghurt and margarine containers for us. Paper, cardboard, milk and orange juice cartons, tissues boxes, plastic bottles, milk bottle tops, old magazines, cereal boxes etc are all welcome.

Before assisting in any classrooms parents/carers must complete the Confidential Declaration. This Declaration verifies that parent/carers do not have any circumstances that preclude them from working with or near children.

Parent teacher meetings

A one on one parent/teacher session will be arranged early in the first term as well as a whole class parent-teacher meeting. If you require an additional interview please contact the class teacher.


Parking is a problem at our school and so we are very grateful to the family’s that walk or cycle to school. It is recommended that you park in Koombana Way or at the front of the school in the upper car park. Batavia Place should not be used.