Music at Springfield is based on the Orff-Schulwerk method where students participate, not just in music but in speech, dance, and movement. They not only listen, but participate through exploration, imitation and then improvisation. It is through participation in the music classroom that students begin to understand different music concepts taught through the Western Australian Curriculum. 

In the early childhood years, children are introduced to a variety of songs through stories, games, speech, dance and movement. As they progress they are introduced to various percussion instruments to explore and imitate sounds and songs. They are introduced to the system of music notation through solfege. 

In the middle primary years students are introduced to more complex music concepts through songs and instrumental pieces, using not only speech, but dance and movement. 

In the upper years, students are starting to create their own music either through speech, rhythm and pitch using music concepts covered in the previous years.

As well as classroom music from Kindy to year 6, students can participate in the choir from years 3 to 6 as well as the school band for years 5 and 6. Both these ensembles rehearse before school, with the choir taking part in various concerts and festivals throughout the year.  Springfield offers instrumental lessons on the Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet and Flute to those students in year 5 who show a high level of music aptitude. These lessons are offered over two years and are run through the Instrumental Music School Services program.