Physical Education

Physical Education helps students develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for a healthy, active and safe lifestyle. At Springfield P.S., the Physical Education program is aligned to the WA Curriculum, Health and Physical Education, with a focus on both Fundamental Movement skills and Fundamental Game skills. The program targets the areas of students’ Body Management, Self-Management and Object Control.

The program is run by a Physical Education Specialist and all students attend one Physical Education lesson each week. Students in years 4, 5 and 6 also participate in a weekly Cluster Sport session. 

The students are involved in a wide and varied range of activities during the school year. Students are given the opportunity to participate in: 

Faction Athletics and Cross-Country Carnivals

Interschool Athletics and Cross-Country Carnivals

Interschool Netball, AFL, Soccer and Hockey (yrs 4-6)

Intra-school Tee-ball (yrs 4-6)

Athletics Carnival at Springfield Primary School

In-term Swimming Lessons

In-term swimming lessons are organised for students in Pre-primary – year 6 and are conducted by qualified swimming instructors. Students in Years Pre-primary to Year 3 participate at the pool, whilst our Year 4-6 students have the opportunity to develop their swimming skills through beach swimming.