Physical Education

Physical fitness is undertaken on a regular basis by all students. It is important that all students are suitably attired (school uniform) and a hat must be worn.

If a student cannot participate (usually on medical grounds), a notification must be sent to the school. Movement and game skills are taught throughout the school. All students participate in the Faction Carnival and only those selected from this carnival participate in the Interschool Carnival. Years 5 and 6 participate in the Winter Sport competition against other surrounding schools.

Students are placed in factions for the year’s activities and remain in the same faction during their time at Springfield Primary School. We endeavour to place all family members within the same faction.
The factions at Springfield Primary School are Red, Green and Gold.

Faction captains and vice-captains are elected during the school year and attend to a number of tasks that assist staff with the organisation and operation of faction sporting events.