Student Services

We know that life throws up challenges. When this happens, it is important how we respond. It is important that we have support.  The student services team at Springfield Primary are committed to supporting families and their children. We understand that when there is an Educational, Social or Emotional issue, we are there to guide students and families through these times. School staff will develop and implement processes to identify, provide for, monitor and report on students who may be at educational risk (SAER). 

Student Services Team 

Springfield Primary School provides a Student Services Team to support staff and families in identification and support of SAER. This team is comprised of:

  • Student Services Co-ordinator 
  • Principal
  • School Psychologist 
  • Inclusive Learning Support Co-ordinator
  • School Chaplain

State-wide Services

The Department of Education offers support for SAER students under the umbrella of State-wide Services. Schools are supported in their provision for SAER students with access to services provided by Schools of Special Educational Needs (SSEN). SSEN provide support for students with disabilities and diverse learning needs through the provision of teams of teachers who collaborate with the school to provide effective service provision to school communities in:

  • SSEN Disability 
  • SSEN Sensory 
  • SSEN Medical and Mental Health 
  • SSEN Behaviour and Engagement 

CHild Development Centres

The Child Development Centre is part of the Department of Health, Child and Adolescent Health Service. It provides assessment and treatment services for children experiencing a wide range of developmental and/or behavioural concerns and associated difficulties. The Service focuses on early intervention to ensure the best long term outcomes for children and their families. Services may be provided by one or more staff including paediatricians, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers, clinical psychologists, audiologists and podiatrists. Services are based on the needs of the child and family. The frequency and duration of intervention is determined by staff in partnership with each family. Services may include initial assessment, individual therapy, group therapy and/or family support and guidance. 

Referrals can be made by the school to State Child Development Centres for further assessment.